SOUTH AUSTRALIA has one of the most vibrant motorsport industries in Australia, yet there is no plan to help foster young South Australian talent, identify their talent and help progress their careers.

EXCELR8 SA hopes to fill that void.

EXCELR8 SA is designed to be the critical first step between karting and junior categories, identifying young talent and giving them the opportunity to commence their career and learn the skills they will need to become professionals in the future.

Essentially, we want to be the important ‘first step’ from karting to a professional career in the sport.

EXCELR8 SA is designed to offer these young drivers an introduction into industry figures who can mentor and could potentially support young racing talent.

It is also designed to bring together the various elements of the sport in South Australia for the sole goal of finding our next racing champions and supporting the crucial early moments of their racing careers.

There’s so much potential in South Australian Motorsport and the time is right to exploit it.

The concept will take the following steps;

  • Identify and target the next generation of talent ready to move from Karting,
    especially those who may lack the budget to do so.
  • Via a selection process at the EXCELR8 SA test day, find a nominee to to become part of EXCELR8 SA program, which is multi-faceted and not ‘just a free drive’ as it includes fitness training, media experience and team work components – and more.
  • Offer them an opportunity to transition from karting to circuit racing, in a proper racing car and gain their first on-track experiences.
  • Offer a racing program ideally suited towards learning and developing young
  • Offer young drivers selected opportunities to network with influential members of the Motorsport community in South Australia as part of the program
  • Create testing opportunities in ‘higher categories’ to open opportunities for career
  • Generate media identity and brand identity for platform, sponsors, and the drivers involved
  • Offer a ‘feel good’ but value proposition for SA businesses.