1 – EXCELR8TION test day

Potentially an opportunity of a lifetime for a young driver looking to progress their career.

THE EXCELR8TION test day will be a multi-day, muti driver event held at a local circuit and will be how we determine the first driver to be offered the EXCELR8 SA scholarship.

Drivers will nominate to participate in the test and will pay a nominal fee (TBC) to enter the program, with the funds generated from the test day rolled into the racing budget for the drivers selected.

Drivers will be split into groups and will share one of three cars across a two-day program, that will include a familiarisation session followed by multiple opportunities to drive the vehicles in question, all closely monitored and supported by our expert coaching team and crew.

Additional activities will be included to determine driver feedback, attitude and more in a bid to found the most rounded talent.

While the outcome of the test is to select the most promising candidate likely to succeed in a career in the sport, the day will not be competitive – lap times will be recorded however will not be posted publicly. The idea is for drivers to relax and enjoy a low-pressure environment, rather than being pushed into a ‘shootout’.

At the end of the program, one primary candidate will be offered the EXCELR8 SA scholarship to drive the team car in the following season.

Two additional drivers thought highly promising will be invited to join the program with a view to encouraging their progression via a deeper involvement in the sport, testing opportunities and more.


THE EXCELR8 SA Team driver will then go about racing – the first steps in hopefully an exciting career.

CONTESTING the full six-round South Australian Championship, the EXCELR8 SA scholarship recipient will race for the EXCELR8 SA team – a venture founded purely to give young drivers this opportunity.

As well as tackling the SA championship, they will also contest the Excel Nationals and another selected ‘key round’ (for instance, in 2018 there is an event at Mount Panorama) for the class.

The program includes a full program of driver coaching, fitness / training advice and mentoring, media and presentation coaching and more.

The race team will be a professionally run outfit with highly experienced people working behind the scenes to run the car and the team, allowing the driver to focus on the driving.

At the end of the first season the driver will have gained a broad experience in both the on and off-track requirements a professional driver faces.


PENDING budget, several options are planned for the conclusion of the season, including (but not limited to) a guaranteed test with a leading open wheel team.

Budget permitting we’ll also open doors to test a Porsche GT3 Cup Car and an Australian Prototype Series racer to give our young ‘rising star’ the best possible experiences.

Any additional sponsorship sourced by the team throughout the year will be reinvested into creating a legitimate career progression – in essence either sponsoring our driver to the next level, or generating the funds to run our own program at the next level so we can progress with the driver, thus furthering our own internal ladder system as well and making it even easier for the next young driver coming through.

THE EXCELR8 SA program will offer plenty to our young driver who enters the team.

BY The end of year one our driver will have achieved the following.

  • Made their circuit racing debut in a competitive series and contested a large selection of races on varying circuits and in different conditions.
  • Worked with a team environment supporting team members at events
  • Gained knowledge of the industry via networking and contact generation
  • Gained media skills via a PR and Media program in place surrounding the team
  • Gained insight from Team SA mentors, including well-known national level drivers.
  • Gained experience in training, fitness, preparation and other key attributes to life in professional sport.
  • Gained at least a major test with a national-level outfit in a top-level racing car to further their experience and open opportunities for their ongoing career.
  • Spent a full race meeting embedded with a EXCELerate SA partner Supercar team
  • Met key individuals that may assist in progressing both their driving and their career.