Third-party vehicle owners will be actively sought to purchase the vehicle: not only removing this significant expense but also ensuring they purchase an asset that is unlikely to depreciate.

Here’s how to support Team SA by owning the race vehicle.

  • An investment of approximately $15,000 (pending final car specification) will secure an owner a Hyundai Excel Cup car, built specifically for the purpose.
  • This funding will either be utilised to purchase a suitable donor car and fund the construction of the race car, including safety cage, safety equipment, performance upgrades and wheels / tyres.
  • The investor will retain ownership (as documented in the CAMS logbook) of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle owner will agree to supply the car to Team SA for the period of three years.
  • Team SA will provide the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle to an agreed standard.
  • At the end of the initial three-year phase the vehicle owner will have the option to either
    (a) sell the vehicle and recoup their investment.
    (b) Continue the program onwards
    (c) utilise the vehicle for other purposes.
  • This is not only a cost effective way to invest in the program but also a solid investment in a
    growing class where vehicle values are unlikely to decline.