EXCELR8 SA has selected the Circuit Excel South Australia series as a launching pad for the program – for several key reasons.

  • An extremely high level of affordability, in both initial purchase, repair, upkeep and general running costs, allowing the program to function in the first place.
  • A growing level of nationally-relevant competition with competitive racing in every major state, a national title and racing at major circuits, including Bathurst.
  • A platform that, when marketed properly, can create awareness while still being low-key enough to ensure limited results pressure is placed on the driver.
  • A series that rewards driver skill over budget, technology or machinery advantage.
  • The opportunities to compete nationally at major events, including an annual national championship event, allowing team and drivers to compete on a national level.
  • Excel racing is growing rapidly Australia wide and offers a highly competitive
    yet affordable entry point to the sport.
  • The South Australian series now averages more than 25 cars per round (and growing) allowing for great competition and competitive racing throughout the field.
  • The category is a perfect entry point for a young driver before moving to open wheel
    racing, or higher levels of ‘tin top’ competition.